Comfort Cough

Comfort Cough has been developed to assist the patients who cannot clear the bronchopulmonary secretion by him/herself due to the various reasons.

Comfort Cough makes positive and negative pressure and simulates the natural cough by shifting the positive pressure to negative pressure in rapid speed.  This accelerated air flow through the airways takes the secretions out but avoiding any unwanted potential problems, associated with the generally known invasive procedure.  the patients with "pulmonary disorders" associated with the impaired secretion clearance function might have benefit from the use of COMFORT COUGH.

Positive Pressure 5 to 60cmH2O
Negative Pressure -5 to -60cmH2O
Typical Inhalation Flow 3.3 Liters/sec(actual flow depends on set pressure and patient airway resistance)
Inspiratory, Expiratory times 0.5 to 5.0 sec(in automatic mode) or user variable(in manual mode)
Pause Times 0 to 5.0 sec(in automatic mode)
Mode of Operation Automatic and manual mode
Blower Type Two-stage centrifugal blower with BLDC motor
Input Voltage 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Input Power 230 MAX. VA
Size 288mm x 212mm x 330mm
Weight(kg) 6.4 Kg
 Order Information

Comfort Cough, Main Body SICC2001
Breathing Hose, 100cm 38052
Breathing Hose, 120cm 38017
Breathing Hose, 150cm 38053
Bacteria/Viral Filter 70015
Face Mask, Child Large 5353
Face Mask, Adult Large 5355
Connector 74505


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