Portable oxygen concentrators give you back your freedom

Live without limits! Get your freedom back with a portable oxygen concentrator. With access to oxygen whenever needed, users no longer have to be stuck at home.

An oxygen concentrator is a medical device that delivers oxygen to those who need extra breathing assistance. People may require one if they have a medical condition that results in low levels of oxygen in their blood.

A personal oxygen concentrator filters regular room air, compresses the air, and then delivers concentrated, medical-grade oxygen to the recipient. Unlike an oxygen tank, it won’t run out, as it doesn’t store oxygen, but uses the air around and purifies it.

One of the biggest issues that strikes people who need an oxygen concentrator is portability – which is why Breathing and Medical offer two types that are easily taken around. They are light, portable, and have enough battery to let you live the life you want to.

The devices available from Breathing & Medical are below: