2003F Blender (Operating Room)

Dimensions & Weight
Height 6.64″ (16.7 cm)
Width 5.71″ (14.5 cm)
Depth 4.56″ (11.6 cm)
Weight 2.46 lbs. (1.12 kg)

Ordering Information

2003F   Low Flow Blender with 0-15 lpm flowmeter and integrated bleed control switch

2007    Standard input fittings on our blenders are DISS air and oxygen. If you want NIST input fittings on your blender instead of DISS, add this part number to your order.

Oxygen Concentration Range 21-100%
Number of Output Ports 1 (0-15 lpm flow meter on the right side)
Accuracy +/- 3% full scale
Flow Range Accuracy 0-15 lpm (bleed flow is enabled automatically when flow meter is in the upright position)
Bleed Flow 3 lpm (when active)
Bleed Control Switch Unique bleed control switch-bleed flow disabled by pushing in and rotating flowmeter forward

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