2003FFN Blender – Pediatric

Primarily used with pediatric patients. Same as the Neo2 Blender model 2003FF with on/off bleed control switch except it has different size flow meters.
0-8 LPM with white label
2-28 LPM with white label
(this model has DISS gas connections)

Dimensions & Weight
Height 6.64″ (16.9 cm)
Width 7.98″ (20.3 cm)
Depth 4.56″ (11.6 cm) w/flow meter on – 6.69″ (17 cm) w/flow meter off
Weight 3.17 lbs. (1.44 kg)
Oxygen Concentraton Range 21-100%
Number of ports 2 or 3 (2 occupied by flow meters, bottom port present on 2003FFA model)
Left Flowmeter Range 2-28 LPM with white label
Right Flowmeter Range 0-8 LPM with white label
Accuracy +/- 3% full scale
Bleed Flow 3 lpm (when active)

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