Fisher & Paykel EVORA Full CPAP Mask


For the ultimate comfort and fit select the Evora Full Mask by Fisher and Paykel, available in a range of sizes to fit every individual. Reach out to us for an enquiry or simply purchase online today.

When choosing a full-face mask the Evora Full Face CPAP Mask provides fit and comfortability. The Evora Full by Fisher Paykel simplifies these factors through its unique design. This all-new full-face style uses a cradle cushion that covers the nose and mouth. It offers minimal contact to the face and the CapFit style headgear – fits like your favorite hat!

Pair that with the lightweight cradle seal which rests gently and covers your nose and mouth only to reduce the possibility of skin irritation. The cradle-style seal securely connect to the mask frame which incorporates laser-drilled exhaust holes to reduce noise and draft.


  • Minimal Contact – The soft material on the cushion provides comfortable support during sleep and reduces the risk of leaving unsightly red marks once removed.
  • Snapback Design – Unlike most CPAP masks, the Evora incorporates the world’s first CapFit headgear. This unique design allows you to quickly slide your mask on and off each night with little effort. Further simplifying this product, the Evora headgear only comes in 1 size making the process of reordering even more convenient!
  • Sleep Quietly – Laser-drilled exhaust holes in the mask frame minimize noise and draft as you sleep. In turn, this ensures you and your family can sleep peacefully throughout the night. Choose from 3 full cushion sizes: X-Small, Small-Medium, Large. We even offer a convenient fit pack option if you are looking for the best fit the first night!
  • Freedom of Movement – These compact cradle seals rest gently under your nose and around your mouth to create a comfortable, unobtrusive fit. Move freely as you search for the most comfortable sleeping position without the hassle of losing your mask seal!

XSmall, Small Medium, Large