Kingon Portable Oxygen Concentrator


Kingon is a portable oxygen concentrator offering unsurpassed freedom of living and breathing. At only 1.98kg this fully-portable concentrator does away with the heavy tanks and carts associated with traditional oxygen requirements. Small in size, but still delivering premium oxygen treatment, the Kingon p2 is equivalent to 5 litres.

Comes with free accessories:

  • Carry bag
  • Battery
  • Car adapter
  • Wall adapter (power)
  • Nasal Cannula

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  • High Efficiency molecular Sieve
  • Powerful Compressor
  • High Efficiency
  • Low Noise
  • Excellent Heat Management
  • Long life (4 hour battery with external charger)
  • Triple Filtration
  • 1L portable oxygen concentrator, 1060ml per minute
  • Oxygen concentration is 90%—3%/+6% max.
  • 1~5 flows with different oxygen supply level, if in 5th flow, you will get 1L oxygen in one minute.
  • 1.95kg light weight
  • Pulse Dose oxygen supply,deliver O2 based on breathing rates O2 utilization rate is 100% in Pulse Dose, but only 20% in Coutinuous Flow, so Kingon P2 is equal to a 5L oxygen concentrator
  • 3 years warranty time (excluding the filter , sieve bad & battery
  • Battery duration time 2~5 hours
  • AC & DC power supply

Pulse Dose Technology

Pulse Dose is based on breathing and inhaling, which is more sophisticated.
Pulse Dose mechanisms are more sensitive, utilizing an oxygen conserver and other technology to deliver oxygen based on breathing rates and other factors.

Kingon P2 is with a 0.097 cmH2O Trigger sensitivity, which is the most dependable and Sensitive portable oxygen concentrator in the world.
Continuous Flow is delivered at a constant rate indiscriminate of the user’s breathing.

you can see from the figure that, only 1/6 oxygen can be effectively exchanged on the lung during a Inhale-exhale cycle ,the rest 5/6 oxygen will be wasted in the respiratory tract and exhaling time.