MVP-10 Ventilator MRI Compatible

MVP-10 Ventilator MRI Compatible

  • Continuous flow
  • Available as MRI compatible
  • Portable, compact and light weight
  • May be used without interruption during transportation
  • Gas powered: pressurized tank and wall outlet
  • Operable in hazardous areas: non-electronic, no shock hazard, case self-purging


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Dimensions & Weight
Height8 inches
Width9 inches
Depth3 inches
Weight5 lbs 2 ounces

Ordering Information

2010     MVP-10 Ventilator
2010M  MVP-10 Ventilator/MRI

Standard accessories:
2030     Disposable Infant Circuit
2013     1″ Pole Mount Bracket
1010     10′ O2 Supply Hose
1011     10′ Air Supply Hose
1021     Infant/Pediatric Test Lung
2050     Instruction Manual

Optional Accessories:
10605HM  5 Legged Stand with 2″ pole
1061M       2 Piece Cylinder Bracket
1001M       MRI E-Cylinder Regulator – O2
1002M       MRI E-Cylinder Regulator – Air
1003M       MRI Aluminum E-Cylinder – O2
1004M       MRI Aluminum E-Cylinder – Air
Frequency Range2-130 cycles/min
Inspiratory Time (calibrated)0.2 – 2.0 sec.
Expiratory Time0.25 – 2.5 sec
IMV Range2.5-30 sec
I/E Ratiovariable, including inverse
O2 Concentration21-100%
Tidal Volume0-666cc
Calibrated Flow Rate0-20 LPM
Maximum Pressure Range0-70cmH2O
Failsafe Maximum Pressure80 cmH2O
Power Supply50+/-5 PSI gas source
Logic Gas Consumptionapprox. 4 LPM (0.14 SCFM)
Flowmeter Ranges02: 0.6 to 10 LPM
 Air: 0.6 to 10LPM
System Pressure Gauge-10 to 120 cmH2O

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