POSB220 Pulse Oximeter

  • Features/Benefits

    • Shows the strength heartbeat
    • Big LED screen display for easy reading
    • Bright Organic LED Display
    • Audible alarm system
    • One-touch ON/OFF Key For easy operation
    • Economical & Portable Health management tool

    Pulse Oximeter Fingertip Device

    The POSB220 Pulse Oximeter is a compact, fingertip device for measuring Sp02 values quickly and decisively. With the POSB220, the finger sensor is integrated into the main unit, which eliminates dangling cables; in effect, this unit can be used to measure Sp02 values in mobilization without the restriction of time and space. Its small size can also be advantageous for caregivers making the rounds, reducing the burden of transporting bulky, cable-laden monitoring equipment.

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