PrismaAQUA Humidifier Black


The high-performance humidifier prismaAQUA is intended for use with prismaLINE, premium devices for sleep therapy from Weinmann. With convenient pre-heating function and optional heated breathing tube. Select the option to purchase online and receive fast delivery and ongoing customer support.

  • Easy to fill through the side of the tub
  • Convenient measuring line on the tub
  • 4 modular components can be dismantled for thorough clean
  • All components are fully dishwasher-safe

PrismaAQUA Humidifier in black.

The PrismaAQUA is conveniently with designed with 7 different humidification levels and Smart Aqua Control (SAC) providing warm-up boost and humidification compensation during leakage. It also has the option to preheat humidifier, and the heater rod has sensors to turn off if the water level ever drops too low, rather than continue to heat.

The PrismaAQUA Humidifier is easy to fill through the side of the water tub, it has a large 400ml volume and a handy max fill line on the tub. It has 4 modular components that can easily be dismantled for thorough individual cleaning and all components are fully dishwasher-safe.