SOMNObalance e APAP with SOMNOaqua


One of the most successful auto-CPAP devices, SOMNObalance features patented OPP technology, which distinguishes central from obstructive respiratory events, and the optional expiratory support softPAP. The highly efficient humidifier SOMNOaqua can be integrated. Featuring very quiet operating sounds and outstanding workmanship, breakdown is exceptionally rare with this device.

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Product Features


  • CPAP
  • APAP (autoCPAP)


  • OPP technology (Obstructive Pressure Peak) distinguishes central and obstructive apnea
  • Automatic needs-oriented pressure adjustment in phases of high pressure variability (APAP)
  • Adjust rate of pressure change per second (APAP) for more gentle increase

Compliance & Comfort:

  • Extremely quiet
  • Mask test ensures a comfortable and secure fit of the mask even at rising pressure levels during the night.
  • Qualitative leakage display during therapy
  • SoftPAP (Pressure Relief) with 2 levels: 1 (mild expiration relief), 2 (moderate expiration relief)
  • autoSTART-STOP
  • LCD Display
  • SOMNOaqua humidifier with issue-free heater rod element and switch-off sensors to avoid overheating

Data Review & Setup:

  • Patient can review usage, AHI & leakage (if enabled by clinician)
  • Convenient data and device management with PC-software prismaTS. Clearly presented extensive statistical data & signal view available.
  • SD card to optimize work processes
  • Easy data transfer for therapy and compliance monitoring
  • Simple first-time device configuration
  • Uncomplicated exchange of devices
  • Practical device setting with the help of the master card
  • Additional analog signals for PSG feed: pressure, flow, leakage, OPP, relative respiratory minute volume

Treatment Efficacy:

  • Advanced algorithm consistently achieves clinical efficacy (AHI<5/hr) with the following further clinical benefits (The Lowenstein Difference):
    • High accuracy of AHI detection via OPP (Obstructive Pressure Peak)
    • Proactive algorithm regulation
    • Stability of Pressure Adjustment – therapeutically effective with no unnecessary fluctuation
    • Efficiency of pressure – consistently low Pmax & Pmean
    • No compromise on clinical outcome with pressure relief SoftPAP