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Noninvasive Ventilator

Flexo Non Invasive Respiratory Ventilator

Flexo™ provides advanced noninvasive BiLevel Positive Airway Pressure therapy for patients that require more comprehensive ventilation support.
  • Dynamic Pressure Control (DPC) with rapid pressure rise time (40 ms)
  • Advanced Noninvasive Ventilation Modes: Target Tidal Volume (TVV), APCV
  • Adaptive Triggering Technology (ATT)
  • Real time Wave Form monitoring
Dimensional specification Specification - Flexo™ ST30 (International)
Dimensions 309mmL x 175mmL x 197mmW
Weight 2.75kg
IPAP range 4 - 30cmH₂O with ST3
EPAP range 4 - 20cmH₂O(ST20/25)
4 - 25cmH₂O(ST30)
CPAP range 4 - 20cmH₂O
Pressure accuracy +-(2% of the full scale reading +4% of the actual read)
Ramp Time 0-60min adjustable 1min/step
Work mode  CPAP/S/ST/T/APCV with TVV
BPM 4 - 100 bmp
Inspiratory time ratio (I/T%) 10% - 80%
Rise Time (ISLP) 1-6(40/80/100/200/300/400ms)
ISNS 1 - 6
ESNS 1 - 6
ITS 0.2 - 4.0 s
Target Volume Ventilation (TVV) 50 - 2,500 mL,50mL per step
Monitoring the Pressure wave form 0 - 30 cmH₂O
Monitoring parameters VTidal, Vminute, IT, BMP (RR), Leak
Compliance Meter 1st on operation, 2nd on breathing detection
Protection against electric shock Class II, EN 60601-1
Degree of protection against electric shock Type B applied part, EN 60601-1
Protection against water ingress Ordinary equipment, IPX1
Electromagnetic compliance EN 60601-1-2
Noise (@10cmH₂O) <46dB(A)
Fuses T3.15A @250V
AC Input 100 V -240V, 2-1A, 50/60 Hz
DC Input 12VDC - 24 VDC, 5.5A -2.5A
Operational Temperature +5 ~ + 35°C

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