Floton™ Bilevel

Floton™  Bilevel
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Floton BiLevel Respiratory Ventilator

Compact, Light and Quiet the Floton BiLevel understands that every breath is different.  Using advanced Adaptive Triggering Technology (ATT), Floton is designed to effortlessly synchronize with the natural breathing of the patient.
ATT tracks every breath and monitors the different stages of the respiration cycle utilizing an Advanced Leak Calculation Algorithm that ensures reduced Work of Breathing (WOB) whilst providing the patient with effective and comfortable treatment.
Floton™ S20
BiLevel ventilation with Spontaneous (S) mode up to 20cmH₂O
Floton™  ST20/ST25/ST30/ST33
BiLevl device wtih 5 modes of ventilation - S, T, ST, APCV and CPAP, inspiration pressure from 4cm H₂O
Dimensions 180 mmL x 210mmL x 105mmW
Weight 1.6kg (1.2kg without humidifier)
IPAP range 4 - 20cmH₂O(ST20), 4 - 25cmH₂O(ST25)
4 - 30cmH₂O(ST30), 4 - 33cm
EPAP range 4cm H₂O - 20cmH₂O
CPAP range 4cm H₂O - 20cmH₂O
Pressure accuracy +-(2% of the full scale reading +4% of the actual read)
Ramp Time 0-60min, 1min/step
Noise <30dB(A) (at 10cmH₂O/ ~ 1.0kPA)
Ventilation mode CPAP/S/ST/T/APCV
BPM (Backup rate) 5 - 50 bmp
Inspiratory time ratio (I/T%) 10% - 80%
Rise Time (ISLP) 1 - 6
ISNS 1 - 6
Alarms Power failure, Leak, Apnea, Pressure, Mask OFF, Low ventilation/Tidal volume
Monitoring parameters IPAP, EPAP, VTidal, Vminute, IT, BMP (RR), Leak
Compliance Meter 1st on operation, 2nd on breathing detection
Protection against electric shock Class II, EN 60601-1
Degree of protection against electric shock Type B applied part
Protection against water ingress Ordinary equipment, IPX1
Electromagnetic compliance EN 60601-1-2
AC/DC adapter Input: 100 V -240V, 2-1A, 50/60 Hz, 2-1A;
Output: DC24V, 2.5A

Operational Temperature +5 ~ + 35°C
Product certification CE 0123
Operational relative humidity 10% ~ 93% (non-condensing)
Operational Atmospheric pressure 700hPa - 1060hPa
Transport/storage temperature -20°C ~ + 55°C
Transport/storage relative humidity 10% ~ 93% (non-condensing)
Transport/storage Atmospheric pressure 500hPa- 1060hPa
Accessories (Optional) Stand, Humidifier
Pressure control At the mask

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