TV-100 VENTILATOR - ICU Infant - Pediatric - Adult Ventilator

TV-100 VENTILATOR - ICU Infant - Pediatric - Adult Ventilator
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One Vent - All Patients. 
Superior Flexibility and Performance.

Bio-Med Devices' new industry leading TV-100 Ventilator offers the latest technology, and provides the modes and performance of a full size ICU ventilator in a compact design.
Full FiO₂ Capability

The TV-100 features an internal compressor which provides air supply without the need for external pressurized gas supplies. Oxygen may also be provided from a 50 psi gas source and is delivered via an internal blender in O₂ concentrations 
from 21 - 100%.
Dependable & Easy to Use

The TV-100 features dual, hot swap capable, rechargeable batteries that allow for uninterrupted use. The TV-100 is capable of
7 to 11 hours of continuous battery operation with fully charged batteries. The TV-100 offers the user a simple set-up assistant
to get up and running fast, when seconds count. The user can also take full advantage of advanced features like waveform
graphs and loop graphs to provide complete patient care.
Unmatched Capability

The TV-100 offers the capability to ventilate the smallest of premature infants to the largest of adult patients. This wide range of use, as well as the inclusion of non-invasive modes, sets the TV-100 apart.

Pending FDA Clearance

Ventilation Modes:
Volume Assist Control
Pressure-Assist Control
Constant Flow
Apnea Backup
Oxygen % (FiO₂)
Peak Pressure
Mean Pressure
Low Battery
I:E Ratio
Included Accessories:
TV-100 Operator’s Manual
Disposable Adult Circuit
Disposable Infant Circuit
Adult Test Lung
Infant Test Lung
Pediatric/Adult Flow Sensor
Infant Flow Sensor
Disposable Patient Filter
O₂ High Pressure Supply Hose
TV-100 Power Supply (with Power Cord)
Optional Accessories:
Disposable Pediatric Circuit
Disposable Dual Limb Adult Circuit
Reusable Infant Circuit
Reusable Pediatric Circuit
Reusable Adult Circuit
O₂ Filter/Water Trap
O₂ High Pressure Supply Hose
Pediatric Test Lung
TV-100 Battery
TV-100 Battery Charger

ICU Infant - Pediatric - Adult Ventilator

Physical Characteristics

Size: 12.8” x 11.9” x 7.6” (32.5 cm x 30.2 cm x 19.3 cm)
Weight: 15.6 lbs. (7.1 kg) (Without AC Adapter)

Apnea Alarm 10 - 60 seconds
I:E Ratio 3:1 to 1:99
Oxygen 21 - 100%
Pressure Support 1 - 60 cm H₂O
Rate (Pediatric/Adult) 5 - 100 bpm
Rate (Neonatal) 5 - 150 bpm
SIMV Rate 0.6 - 50 bpm
Expiratory Time 0.2 - 99.9 seconds
Inspiratory Time 0.1 - 3.0 seconds
Flow Trigger 0.5 - 30 lpm
Pressure Trigger relative to baseline -0.2 to -10 cm H₂O
Purge Flow 40 - 60 ml/min
Base Flow (Pediatric/Adult) 6 lpm
Base Flow (Neonatal) 2.5 lpm
Flow (Pediatric/Adult) 0.1 - 180 lpm
Flow (Neonatal) 0.1 - 15 lpm
PEEP/CPAP (Pediatric/Adult) 0 - 35 cm H₂O
PEEP (Neonatal) 0 - 25 cm H₂O
EPAP 2 - 20 cm H₂O
IPAP 3 - 40 cm H₂O
PIP (Pediatric/Adult) 3 - 100 cm H₂O
PIP (Neonatal) 0 - 59 cm H₂O
Tidal Volume (Pediatric/Adult) 75 - 2500 ml
Tidal Volume (Neonatal) 2 - 100 ml
Pop-off Relief Valve (Ped/Adult) 100 cm H₂O
Pop-off Relief Valve (Neonatal) 60 cm H₂O

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