A reliable Air/O2 Blender for every purpose
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Accurate, economical and tailored to your needs.

Bio-Med Devices’ full range of blenders makes it easy for you to select the one that’s perfect for your setting and requirements. Each of Bio-Med Devices’ blenders delivers unsurpassed accuracy, dependability and economy in a convenient, lightweight package.

A Choice of Configurations

The Bio-Med devices range offers low, mid and high flow air/O2 blenders in many different configurations.  You're certain to find the blender that's right for you, whether it's for the NICU, MRI suite, transport operations or ICU.

A Range of Fittings, Ports and Flowmeters

Our blenders come standard with either DISS or NIST input fittings, but others are available.  Depending on the model, one, two or three output ports are provided, and several models of flowmeter are available.

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