Comfort Cough Plus

COMFORT COUGH Plus provides respiratory therapist and critical caregivers with the most efficient solution to clear excess mucus.


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Positive Pressure  0 to 60cmH2O
Negative Pressure – 0 to 60cmH2O
Flow Type High, Low
Inspiratory, Expiratory times 0 to 5.0sec (In automatic mode) or user variable (In manual mode)
Pause Times 0 to 5.0sec (In automatic mode)
Mode of Operation Automatic and manual timing, Percussor
Percussor Mode Inspiratory positive pressure : From 0 to +60cmH2O / Freq.: 10 to 600CPM
Blower Type Two stage centrifugal blower with BLDC motor
Input Voltage 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Input Power MAX. 230VA
Size 288mm X 212mm X 330mm
Weight (kg) 6.4kg