Crossvent 2i+ Built-In Infant Ventilator

Crossvent 2i+ Built-In Infant Ventilator

The built-in version of the Crossvent 2i+ is most often purchased as a part of the complete transport incubator provided by several different companies. However, in cases where an older infant transport ventilator such as the MVP-10 or the monochrome screen original Crossvent 2i are built-in, the Crossvent 2i+ can be purchased so as to upgrade the older ventilator.

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The Crossvent 2i+ Built-in infant ventilator features patient-triggered ventilation using a proximal flow sensor sensitive enough to allow the smallest of patients to trigger the vent. The flow sensor (pneumotach) also accurately measures the patient’s exhaled tidal volume down to 2.0 ml. The built-in rechargeable nickel-metal hydride battery provides at least 3 hours of run time on a full charge (back light can also be dimmed to greatly extend this battery life). The vent features a touch screen display that is visible under all lighting conditions, and a full complement of alarm parameters.

Ventilation Modes

Pulsatile/Constant Flow
Assist Control
Pressure Support
Flow Trigger

Dimensions & Weight
Height7.5″ (19.1cm)
Width8.4″ (21.3cm)
Depth4.4″ (11.2 cm)
Weight7.65lbs (3.5kg)

Ordering Information

2200JC    This model is designed to replace the MVP-10 that is built into a transport incubator made by Airborne Life Support
2200IC     This model is designed to replace a monochrome screen version of the the Crossvent 2i that was previously built into a transport incubator made by Airborne Life Support
NOTE: It is strongly recommended that in addition, the MKIT005 is also ordered with both models above (This kit provides fresh tubing and an oxygen tee that is configured correctly for a secure connection of all tubing from the rear of the vent to the remote fittings on the side wall of the incubator.

2200HC   This model is designed to replace an MVP-10 that was built into a Globetrotter TI-500 transport incubator made by Draeger (previously mad by Hill-Rom/Airshields  (this model comes with the installation kit that is specific to this version of incubator)

Tidal Volume5-750
Inspiratory Time0.10 – 3.0 seconds
Flow Rate1-15 lpm
Peak Pressure0-80 cmH2O
PEEP0-20 cmH2O
Flow Trigger0-20 (sensitivity scale)
Base Flow2.5 lpm
Pressure Support0-50 cmH2O
SIMV Rate0.6 – 50 bpm
Continuous Flow0-15 lpm
Pneumatic Power Source17-55 psi (117-380 kPa)
O2 Sensor21-100%

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